Vintage & Restoration

If you watch the slideshow below you’ll catch James, vintage bike fanatic and owner of The Pedal Shoppe, flying high on his BMX as a kid.


James has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to restoring and rebuilding vintage bikes. He has quite the collection of frames and complete bikes; some kept from his childhood, some picked up along the way, some in their original condition and some that he has lovingly restored to their former glory.


If you have an old bike in need of some love or some special parts, The Pedal Shoppe is the place to come. We can advise you on the best way to start a restorative project, help you with the history of your bike, we can hunt down those hard-to find parts and, if you’d rather just entrust your vintage project to the experts, you can leave it to us to restore and rebuild it for you.


For those fans of vintage style coupled with new technology, we also stock and have access to many of the fantastic ltd edition retro re-issues being brought back to life by the brands that have stood the test of time and are still manufacturing today.