Welcome to the little bike store with a big heart on Australia’s Gold Coast.



Each and every rider comes to us with unique needs and dreams – whether you’re a recreational rider, fitness fanatic, seeking your child’s first bike, a street styler, environmentalist, coastal cruiser, BMX protégé, bike messenger, downhill demon, commuter, dedicated follower of fashion or vintage connoisseur – we speak your language!


Where other stores spend their time on online sales, our energy goes into providing above-and-beyond customer service. Our undivided time and attention ensures the best possible experience, for both our in-store customers and those further afield who can order their complete rides or individual parts/accessories by phone or email.



We’re proudly family run. Husband and wife team James and Julie are the heart and soul of The Pedal Shoppe. With staff hailing from a wide range of cycling disciplines, it’s our people that establish The Pedal Shoppe as not just another bike shop, but a dependable friend and valuable resource to bike lovers. Our staff of racers, commuters, mechanics and cycling historians strive to give you honest, practical advice. We’re a family whose motto is ‘keep it real’.


James is our problem solver, peddler of dreams, collector, vintage fanatic, BMX bandit, fountain of knowledge and bike artiste.


Julie is the oil on The Pedal Shoppe sprocket. Her behind the scenes work keeps everything running smoothly.


These are our primary brands regularly in stock. If you’re chasing a particular bike or part from another brand just contact us with the details as chances are we’ll be able to source it for you. 

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